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This MATLAB function and view([az,el]) set the viewing angle for a three- dimensional plot.You can control the orientation of the graphics displayed in an axes using MATLAB<sup>®</sup> graphics functions. You can specify the viewpoint, view target, orientation, . Jul 18, 2007 . You can do this both programmatically and interactively. From the command line, you can use VIEW. For X-Y view: view([0 90]) For X-Z view:Jun 21, 2012 . I want to view a surface plot from the top and i used view(0,90) but still can see the plot except i rotate it. please i would like the yaxis to be . You can define various viewing parameters to obtain the view you want.Oct 14, 2011 . matlab view. Learn more about matlab screenn view.Description. view(net) opens a window that shows your neural network (specified in net ) as a graphical diagram. Example. View Neural Network. This example . Try using view . I don't have MATLAB available so I can't test it, but I think it can do what you want. Example from the documentation: Set the view . Jul 2, 2011 . Easy way to set camera viewing axis normal to a. Learn more about 3d plots, camera, view angle MATLAB.Jun 10, 2014 . Although the answers here already show how to do this with surf, rendering the 3d surface feels a little like overkill pcolor creates the required .
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