Annebeth is pregnant fanfic

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Aug 3, 2012 . Chapter 1: Percy and Annabeth. Annabeth POV. I was on the coach, my legs carefully resting on the couch arm, waiting for Percy to come back . Nov 22, 2009 . second one to twist in time. Annabeth gets pregnant and this is about her and Percy growing with the TEEN, taking care of it and such. Oh and of . Feb 13, 2013 . A one-shot of how Annabeth tells Percy that she's pregnant. I'll probably turn this into a series of one-shots of the wives of couples telling their . May 20, 2012 . Annabeth clutched the pregnancy test, and willed herself to look at the results. It said PREGNANT. She gasped, letting her mouth form an O as . Oct 6, 2011 . When Annabeth found out she was pregnant, she freaked out and broke up with Percy. She had the baby, Sarah,and gave her up. Seven years . Mar 31, 2012 . Add a teenage boy, a teenage girl, some alcohol and a smelly toilet and all that equals… a baby! Annabeth Chase didn't know what would .

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