Feeling of something caught under tongue

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Jan 31, 2017 . I keep feeling like I have to swallow cause I have something on the. . is something stuck in my neck ,looking at my tongue in the mirror I saw . I have been feeling as if something is stuck in my throat - small. next week aslo he is looking right down throat while im under to rule out anything else.. . after a good year or so of feeling like something in throat an white in back of tongue an . I have no idea what it is, it kind of feels like a little piece of food or something. I can literally feel it whenever I move my tongue. I've tried everything to dislodge it,  . Apr 5, 2008 . my mom had a similar feeling, something stuck in her throat and her made her cough a lot, this went on for a couple of months, one day she . It usually feels as if something has stuck at the back of the throat, just behind the tongue. It can be severe or mild, and happen more frequently in some cases. . have this distinct feeling that there is something 'stuck' at back of my of my tongue just underneath my tonsils - and it's in the area where I . Nov 17, 2016 . Sometimes we have a feeling as if something is stuck in our throat. is often experienced at the back of the throat, just posterior to the tongue.Jan 8, 2009 . I've been taking the Protonix as directed but still all the time I feel like something is stuck in my throat. Feels like it's right behind my tongue in . For the past month, I feel as if I have hair in my throat and on the back of my tongue.. It could be a food allergy or something new in you life that you are. .. a feeling like a small soft pea-sized object is lodged in my throat and . I held my tongue down to look at the back of my throat. I saw that little hangy. . GERD can cause a feeling of something caught in the throat.

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