Black spot under gum line

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Apr 16, 2015 . Dark spots on your gums can be signs of harmless or deadly. This hard residue forms on and under the gum line, between the surface of teeth . Black spots on gums can affect your appearance and be embarrassing, but they are not generally a cause for concern and there are many potential causes.Black dots on the gums are caused by a variety of dental conditions,. Hardened plaque or tartar can present as a dark spot along the gumline, and Jacoby advises that this issue is easily remedied with regular dental hygiene.. Filed Under:.Black spots on the gums can occur as a result of bruising, hyper-pigmentation, amalgam tattoos or hardened plaque, according to HealthGuidance. Although . Gum disease includes gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (a more. The tartar can accumulate under your gum line, causing even more inflammation.. The first signs are white spots that form in the very early stages.Simply take a tooth pick and gently poke it into the brown spot.. Symptom - Black spots: Black spots are also likely a symptom of tooth decay, but there is a catch. teeth also look nicer and my gums no longer bleed and are a nice pink color.Most spots found on gums are not serious and result from natural skin pigments, tiny bruises, hardened plaque, pieces of silver fillings under the gum or a vein; . As the plaque spreads and grows beneath the gum line, the body's immune system and bacteria deposits along the root surfaces under local anaesthesia.Hi there Can you tell me if there is black around the gumline of some teeth if these teeth are saveable? even with a lot of work, and if so..what is . This hard residue forms on and under the gum line, between the surface of teeth and the gum tissue. Its colour can range from yellow to black. These deposits .

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