How to shoot a 15mg morphine pill

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We at Heroin Helper suggest that you do not inject pills. However. Morphine Sulfate Controlled-R can u inject morphine 15mg blue pills? ## No, it is not safe to inject any medication that has not crush pill into fine powder add 1cc of water heat to soft boil a goo will rise to the top put it as. Sep 24, 2009 . how many morphine shoot 100 mg. ok? or is low… what is the difference between. I heard there are some morphine pills that r not water soluble. can anyone help. Can anyone tell. Jan 5, 2010 . how do you shoot the white 30 mg morphine pills. Comment by miranda. . Can u cook. Aug 15, 2010 . This wax is to slow the release of morphine when you swallow the tablets. If you d. Nov 29, 2013 . Is snorting morphine effective vs taking morphine orally?. One of the most comm.


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