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Tumblr Viewer Counter Banner Maker Tumblr Cursors Tumblr Codes Tumblr Moving Objects ? | Advertise Here. Our Blog The Royal YouTube Channels You . Sparkling Cursor (Pixie Dust Effect). How to add a Sparkling Effect on your Cursor Just like Tinkerbells's Pixie Dust. [View my PAGE if you want an example]. 1.Apr 4, 2011 . Fairy dust cursor trail It's like fairy dust around your page, wherever the cursor moves. Find var colour=“#000000”; now change the #000000 to . Free Tinkerbell Cursors Animated Mouse Pointer For Your Tumblr, Blogger, Website, and windows computer as well as for download.Tinker Bell Dust Cursor Effect • Copy the code below, then paste it in your description box/below the of your theme. Click! • You can customize this (found at the . RAINBOW CURSOR SPARKLES • Copy THIS code & paste it at the top of your theme code between • Then click save. • View your page and you should have . Add a free 'Tinkerbell Fairy Cursor Trail' Java Script to your site.I am working on Peter Pan and need some help with my Tinkerbell effect.. I would really love to have more of a fairy dust, twinkly look with a trailing tail on such a small object moving so fast (like the computer cursor effect).TINKERBELL TRAIL. get tinkerbell fairy dust that follows your cursor! paste this code under <head>. Find var colour=”#000000”; now change the #000000 to . Jun 16, 2009 . Fairy Dust Blogger Instructions. You can see the Fairy Dust Mouse Trail in action on my test blog HERE.. Tinkerbell Magic Sparkle *