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Juana Maria (died October 19, 1853), better known to history as the Lone Woman of San. She lived alone on San Nicolas Island off the coast of California from 1835 until her discovery in 1853.. … In 1853 an Indian woman speaking a language unknown to the mainlanders was found on San Nicholas Island by Captain George Nidever (1802-1883).Mar 5, 2015 . For months they worked together to reveal details of the cave where the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island may have lived, painstakingly . Deriv. Image of Native American woman, believed to be Juana Maria, of the. 14 March, 2015 - 21:44 dhwty. Juana Maria, the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island.The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island Article and illustration by Jan Timbrook Curator of Ethnography, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Few figures . In 1811 Captain Whittemore brought Kodiak Indians to San Nicolas Island, the outermost island of the. Karana was born about this time, perhaps the offspring of a native woman and Kodiak Indian.. A photo of her basket is all that remains.Jan 6, 2015 . Cal State Los Angeles archaeology associate professor Rene Vellanoweth on San Nicolas Island. COURTESY OF RENE VELLANOWETH.Oct 8, 2016 . Expert discovers details about Lone Woman's life on island from conversations more than 100 years ago might change what the world knows about the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island.. (Photo: STAR FILE PHOTO) . Jul 30, 2015 . Photo:islandconservation/Flickr/Creative Commons License. It was 1853 on San Nicolas Island, the most remote of California's eight Channel Islands.. The discovery of the lone woman put an end to a speculative mystery . O'Dell's tale of the young girl Karana was inspired by the true story of the Lone Woman of San Nicolas who was left on the Island in 1835 when a boat took the .

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