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If you bought a Water Ridge dual flush toilet from Costco, you might find that sometimes after flushing (typically with the #2 flush button; the 6L flush) the flush  . Mar 10, 2010 . Any more reviews on the dual flush Water Ridge toilet? Went to Costco today and they had two left and I bought one for only $88.00. Thought . Mar 8, 2010 . WaterRidge, $199: Found at Costco, this is one of the least expensive dual-flush toilets we've featured on Re-Nest. The drawbacks we found . Apr 21, 2011 . i purchased the WR Water Ridge High-Efficiency Toilet. Dual Flush at Costco for the wonderful price of $85 each. which was pretty amazing . Jun 4, 2008 . Do you need a Ultra Low Flush Toilet or Dual Flush toilet? after looking at a Water Ridge toilet (Craigslist for $125) available at Costco only, . Feb 21, 2016 . The Water Ridge One Piece Elongated Dual Flush Toilet is back in the store. It appears to be the same as the one offered previously, but with a . Jul 18, 2012 . 42Fix.com Problems with Costco Toilet part 1. Act Level. . How To Fix A Wasteful Over Filling Dual Push Button Flush Toilet - Duration: 2:58. Feb 17, 2012 . I bought one of the high efficiency, dual flush, two piece toilets from local costco and installed it. This video is intended to to showcase its . As of February 20th 2009, the Water Ridge Dual Flush from Costco is no longer on their web site. If you bought one, it's now an orphan. Costco . Jun 11, 2010 . There seems to be differing opinions on this thing. The one I bought is the Yurko series, two-piece made by WaterRidge. I really want to like this .

October 07, 2016, 02:20

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