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ARI Legacy Sleepers manufactures high-end custom sleepers for semi trucks.Will ARI take my used truck & custom sleeper (ARI, ICT or Double Eagle) in as a trade or buy it. Indiana Custom Trucks, LLC (ICT) was founded in 1990 to provide superior conversions to existing OE. Dec 12, 2008 . Pro Quarters Model RWD by Double Eagle custom truck sleepers. LENGTH: 120 inches.. Apr 14, 2011 . Just a quick video to show the new sleeper.. 150" Kenworth custom truck sl. 120" DOUBLE EAGLE SLEEPER. 13 Speed Overdrive Manual. Engine: Caterpillar. Horsepower: 550. On. A New Shop To Better Service Our Custom Truck Sleepers. Website 067 · Website 073 · W. Sleeper is located at AA Custom Truck Sleepers in Ft. Worth, TX. and can be mounted to your rig, mo.

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