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Jan 16, 2013 . CURTIS 1314 PC Programming Station OEM , ZAPI , OM Primespo , GE exchange of software and technical documentation. Обратная связь . Zapi Serial Interface / Console Cable Controllers.. Zapİ dual ac2 pc cable help please help zapi controller pc serial port cable pc . User Manual. HVC. Page 2. Page - 2/31. AEHZP0AA - HVC - User Manual. Copyright. … In order to perform SAVE FUNCTION, use ZAPI PC Win console.AEGZP0AD - MHYRIO CB - User Manual. Copyright © 1975-2006. … In order to perform SAVE FUNCTION, use ZAPI PC Win console. 7.10 Description of the . The only information I can give u is Yale part #524154242 for the Zapi PC cable kit & Yale part #524154481 is the handset kit. Hyster dealers . Handset or PC. CONDITION. Verify harness connections at MDI and connector. NO COMMUNICATION Dash display and/or controller LED inoperative.With this console it is possible to interact with the controller via CAN or Serial communication in order to monitor the real time operation and to change the . CURTIS 1314-4401 PC Station Programmer with 1309 USB Interface. ZAPI Handset Programming Console, Programming Device for HELI, HANGCHA, HC, Tailift,. Communication Cable for CURTIS 1309 USB Interface, RJ11 Connector , . Sep 29, 2014 . The HHC-200-ZP console, in combination with the included cables, provides the ability to monitor the controller status for most Zapi controllers. Issue Date: January 18, 2012. Rev.0 (Manual# BG-WRT-0112) and instructions in Operator's Manual and on this truck.. .. ZAPI PC CAN CONSOLE SCREEN.

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