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Hi all, I have scored a 7 year old ML350 G5, and have installed ESXi 4.1 on it.. Hi Alex, Using HP ESXi and the RAID controller is E200i.. .. Fixed an issue where a controller failure error 1783 is reported at POST, if a power cycle is initiated . Feb 16, 2016 . Error is: 1783-Slot 0 array controller is in lock up state due to a hardware configuration failure (controller is disable until this. . Smart Array E200 - merging logical drives. HP Proliant ML350 G5 - smart array initializing.I have a ML350 G5 with an array of 4x 146GB SAS drives coonected to an E200i controller. This server is running Small Business Server 2008 . Jul 10, 2012 . One thing you'll need to do is update the firmware of your Smart Array E200i RAID controller. Your screenshot indicates that the version of your . E200 Controller FACT:HP ProLiant ML350 G5 Server. Show error 1783 2. On cold add of the new disk the smart array controller will also show error 1783.*When POST was saying "HP SmartArray E200i Initializing . . ." it would do that for about 5. Re: ML350 G5 Raid Array Problem. Also, since it is an E200i, . Jan 4, 2012 . 1783 – Slot 0 Drive Array Controller Failure! Command failure (cmd=0h, err=00h, dlu=013:5h). System configuration: ProLiant ML350 G6 . Aug 27, 2013 . This video shows how the BBWC (Battery Backed Write Cache) in an HP Proliant ML350 G5. Jul 3, 2012 . ปัญหาเครื่องไม่สามารถบูตได้ คาดว่าปัญหาน่าจะเกิดจาก HP Smart Array.

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