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WhatsApp Puzzles: Here we have a nice big collection of whatsapp puzzles with answers for you. You can also share these puzzles by a click of the mouse.Guess the Names of these Romantic Movies from the given whatsapp Emojis / Emoticons / Symbols / Smileys and give your answers in the comments. . get big collections of puzzles and quiz with answer, along with funny jokes, message and statuses to share.. I Need Change For Rs 100 - Whatsapp Puzzle  . You will see some of the awesome Whatsapp puzzles below. I have also shared answers of that puzzles with you. In this puzzles, you are presented with lots . What comes in the sequence: 9, 11, 8, 12, ? If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other […] Continue reading →.Hey folks, here you will get the latest collection of whatsapp puzzles and games, whatsappp games and whatsapp puzzles with answers.We have large . Jul 7, 2014 . Thanks to WhatsApp developers for providing so many smileys (or emoticons or emoji) in WhatsApp. This messenger has over 900 emoticons . Jul 23, 2013 . Guess the Hindi Movie Dialogues – Unsolved. Guess Hindi Movie Dialogues Whatsapp Puzzle.jpg. Post your answers in the comment section . Apr 24, 2015 . It is fun to ask these tricky question with you your friends, and I am sure that you get shock when you get to know different type of answer from . This app is Pro version of 'Puzzles for Whatsapp' app - Collection of many whatsapp puzzles. - All the puzzles will have their answers too. The free version of the .

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