The respiratory system of a worm

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Mar 1, 2011 . While earthworms do not have lungs, like you, they must have oxygen to live. You ha. ATP is an important macro molecule to cells. ATP is the primary energy currency to cells in organis. Respiratory System. Earthworms don't have lungs like mammals do. Instead, they breathe by diffu. … System Of Fish, Respiration In Terrestrial Vertebrates, Human Respiratory System - Respiration. Respiratory organ of earthworm is its skin. Skin of earthworm is moist. Respiratory System ·. Jun 13, 2015 . Class 7: Science: Respiratory Systems in Organisms: Breathing in Earthworm.When you have finished this page, go to the Earthworms Quiz. Earthworms are the most highly develop. Keep Learning. How do the circulatory and respiratory systems work together? What are the decompose.

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