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Feb 25, 2007 . Try hot baths in milk of magnesium--use a whole large box.. . I also started hav. Feb 25, 2007 . Home >; Condition >; Pain >; Stabbing Pain In Lower Calf last two week. Mar 18, 2015 . Sudden sharp stabbing pain in front of left shin just below knee!. Ultrasound t. Jan 16, 2013 . Pain in Left hip going down the leg into calf muscle: Hello, I am Sandy,a 63 year. May 16, 2016 . Shooting pain in legs can be caused due to injuries, sciatica,. pain in legs, p. Nov 7, 2014 . Stabbing pains in the side of the calves. I doubt that the pains she is now expe. Apr 19, 2016 . What it feels like: Plantar fasciitis results in a stabbing pain in the bottom of. .There are two main reasons for calf muscle pain: injury and an underlying medical feels warm th.

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