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Leaky feeder system is also used for underground mobile communication in mass transit railways. In Hong Kong the . SMART COM - I.S UHF Leaky Feeder Radio System. Becker Electronics Engineer, Manufacture the Smart com UHF leaky feeder system for underground mines . Mine Radio Underground Communications: Leaky Feeder Radio System. Raveon's M7 series radios are well-suited for underground mine radio data . System Operation. BECKERCOM is designed to provide seamless communications throughout an underground mine or tunnel. The Leaky. Feeder cable acts as  of leaky feeder communications systems currently used in North American underground mines. The desired information was obtained principally through on -site  railroad and other transit applications, leaky feeder radio systems have found appl i cati ons i n underground mi ni ng . Extensive use has been made of leaky . PBE's Leaky Feeder System provides miners with a communications and data surface and underground linking and mine radio communications, including . PBE engineers are the design and deployment experts of underground voice. The Leaky Feeder System is a tunnel radio system that can provide complete . Mine Radio Systems (MRS) has been the leading supplier of the world's most advanced,. Leaky feeder underground communication systems.
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