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May 16, 2011 . Introduction of Agritourism. .. agro products like ‗papad‟ and pickles made by ‗. Introduce women their hidden talent and give them new identity in the. Some of the key highlight. Aug 29, 2013 . Presentation on Bachat Gat Concept and How to start a Bachat Gat. For details cont. Feb 19, 2012 . Mahila bachat gat have a common bank account in the bank of Maharashtra. In case o. Mahila Bachat Gut is is a program for women's entrepreneurshipdevelopment.7 जुलै 2015 . गीतकार पी. के. मिश्रांचे हे रोजा चित्रपटातले गाणे. चिकलठाण्यात काम . INTRODUCTION. .. The Ambika Mahila Bachat Gat from Khutgaon in Daund has written one of the bigge. An important step towards women empowerment has been the starting of DMI's Fatimabi Mahila Bach.



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