Lung flushing procedure

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Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL; informally, "bronchoalveolar washing") is a medical procedure in which a bronchoscope is passed through the mouth or nose into the lungs and fluid is squirted. Aug 6, 2014 . That's when lung lavage helps. After this procedure, many are able to get back to work and everyday activities without the need for oxygen.Oct 2, 2014 . According to the Cleveland Clinic, lung lavage, also known as lung washing, is a special procedure that is used to treat a rare form lung . Dec 2, 2015 . This results from a puncture of the lung during the procedure and is more common with a rigid bronchoscope than with a flexible fiber-optic . Jul 23, 2014 . Lung lavage, otherwise known as lung washing, is exclusively used for patients with pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, or PAP, a disease in . Jan 16, 2014 . The treatment is a procedure called lung lavage during which doctors washed his lungs, one at a time, with a saline solution. SCROLL DOWN . Mar 21, 2011 . Bronchial washing is part of a procedure called a bronchoscopy, in which a physician looks into the lungs with a fiber-optic bronchoscope to . Jan 16, 2014 . Epperson underwent a procedure called lung lavage, which while not new is used exclusively for PAP, which can be tricky to diagnose, . These procedures may be offered by pulmonologists (lung specialists) who have undergone extra. Bronchoalveolar lavage is performed during bronchoscopy.

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