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Enter Search Term(s). Show Results with. One or More search terms. All search terms. Exact Phrase. Show Results. From Calendar To Calendar. Search within.The inquiry will search for a "group" or "string" of characters. Example: Entering " Robert" Results could return: "Jim Robertson" or "Robertson, Jim" or "Robert . The Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles. . Criminal Court Rules - The rules governing legal proceedings in the Los Angeles Superior Court.An arrest warrant gives the police authorities in California the right to seize a person and put him or her under custody. Like everywhere across the United States . If you are not sure where you have a an outstanding warrant, call any courthouse in Los Angeles. The county clerk should be able to look up your name and tell . Jul 10, 2016 . Bench & Arrest Warrant Check in Los Angeles. Criminal Clerk's Office: Any criminal courthouse in the County of Los Angeles has the . Bench warrant? Arrest warrant? 40508a warrant? Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney can help clear up your warrant & keep you out of LA County jail.Los Angeles county arrest records, CA. To carry out a warrant search you can garner valuable information using the search service that appears on this page.View Lake County Sheriff's current warrant list. Details include. View Los Angeles County Crime Stoppers wanted suspects and missing persons. Free Search.
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