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Return Receipt for Merchandise. Get proof that you sent an item and proof it was delivered. You'. Jan 24, 2017 . The cost to send a 1-ounce USPS Certified Mail® letter with Return Receipt ( Green. Sending USPS Certified mail will ensure that your important pieces of mail, including legal and. ‚ĶSep 15, 2016 . After signing the delivery receipt, the letter is given to the recipient. How do I. Mar 4, 2014 . How to video on preparing certified mailing for credit repair.Return Receipt is a service from the USPS that provides proof of delivery that a letter or package. Dec 10, 2012 . Certified mail requires the recipient's signature.. Certified Mail with Retu. Jul 13, 2011 . Certified Mail Return Receipt provides proof of USPS Certified Mail letter delivery.
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